Nigeria at it again (Butiku) who will Bell Nigeria

The old men in their 70s as usual have hijacked Nigeria aided by their old colleagues .  4 years ago they made a lot of promises not one of the promise was achieved. There is no solution at the moment as someone must rule the country. At the moment there is no room for fresh young politicians because Nigeria system have no provision for it. A country where there is no rule of Law. The president controls all. The judiciary is in shambles, a country where a chief judge forgot to declare his assets and its” normal “.  These Old men have all their wealth stacked in foreign banks and there source of wealth cannot be traced or questioned.


Boko Haram has emerged stronger taking a whole province in the north. They have been more kidnapping before Buhari and so called pastor osibanjo came in.

Poverty has increased in Nigeria more than what it was four years ago.

Electricity has deteriorated beyond solution.

forecast  for the next  4 years

Oppositions will be silenced

Corruption will accelerate

Nigeria will go darker (power will decay)

More looting and stacking in foreign banks

Boko haram will advance to the south (please secure yourself)

Whoever  you vote in will not bring any change, time for Nigeria to go to their knees and ask for God intervention

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