Man dies in nigeria police station because of 20,000 naira bail fee

This is so serious, it was reported that Mr Osifo Okoeguale from Eguare Opoji, Ekpoma died in police custody just because his sister couldn’t pay the #20,000 which was asked by the police in Ekpoma Division.  

This incident happened on the 12th of February, 2019 when he was arrested with his 14 years old cousin in Ekpoma. The elder sister came to the Police Station to pay him out by bail, but the IPO demanded the sum of #20,000 for bail.

The sister pleaded with the IPO with #15,000 but he refused to collect the money and still demand 20k. She left the station with frustration and anger but later came back two days after only to be told that her brother died in police custody.

Kola Edokpayi the activist and his team said they are handling the matter in the interest of justice and sure justice will be served.

Posted:- Eniola

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