Famous bread seller model, marriage in crisis


Olajumoke Orisaguna who is a formal bread seller and who is currently a model. Is having issues in her relationship with her baby daddy,

This started happening when her baby daddy announce publicly that Olajumoke is not submissive to him anymore because of her fame. He also said truly they are not officially married but whenever he try to make their union formalized, Olajumoke’s family seem reluctant to go through with the wedding.

But the famous Olajumoke denied all the accusations and insinuate that all what his saying might be the fact that she no longer gives him money.

Saying this to Sunday Scoop: 

Anybody can say whatever pleases them with their mouth. He is the one that has been spreading such stories. When a man knows everything about you, he can choose to do whatever with that information. As for me, I am okay and there is nothing wrong with me.

Whatever is going on is known to God. We are still together. He has never discussed all what he has been saying outside with me, so I don’t understand what he is driving at because we sleep in the same house.

Well, he can continue saying whatever pleases him but I will not say anything bad about him. There is nobody I will discuss his matter with; I just leave him to God. God will judge between us.

And she was asked if she no longer gave him money, the model said: 

Now you understand what I have been saying. I do not need to break it down beyond that; you already know what I mean. I will not say anything bad about him. I have handed him to God.

Also added: 

I have always been a good manager. Even when I was working in the bakery, I knew how to manage the resources available to me.

Can you imagine a man not working for two years and being fed by a woman?

This Olajumoke’s statement went viral and a lot of people start sharing their opinion on her relationship.

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