Evil mum killed her 3 children and present a fake doctor report to the children school

A mother went to the school of her children to present a fake doctor report so that they can be given a day off, so she can be able to kill them.
Abrianne Moore, who is 28, killed her kids, 2 years old Alaina Rau, 6 years old Cassidy Rodery, and 8 years old Kyrie Rodery, with a hunting gun. behind their great-grandparent’s home in Kent County, Michigan, 

After shooting them, she put their bodies at the back of her car and drive straight to the house of her baby daddy – Kyrie’s father where she killed herself.

Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young said:

We don’t know what was going through her head, she didn’t leave a suicide note or anything like that.

Mom appears to have been struggling with pretty substantial mental health issues.

She had some postings on Facebook and things like that lead to believe she was paranoid and thought that the kids were in jeopardy somehow. We suspect that led to the events this day. 

A social worker said Moore had previously kept her children off school because she believed the TV was giving her messages that their bus would be involved in an accident. She was hospitalised for 10 days last September.
LaJoye-Young also added: 

This is one of the hardest cases I’ve ever heard about. This is a very difficult case. Our investigators are feeling it. It’s heartbreaking that something like this happened in our community.

I’m heartbroken for the family and for everybody involved and the community at large, because this is not something that’s easy for us to not wonder what could have been done differently, what could we have done to help.

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