Understanding Temperament


Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do, think and process your thoughts the way you do, communucate, drive, love,  and do the things you do differently from others?

The answer is *TEMPERAMENT*

Our temperaments affect everything we do starting from our sleeping habit, eating habit,  talking habit, to driving habits amongst others.

Temperament is biological and an inherited traits from our parents and grandparents.  No one knows precisely where it resides but it controls everything you do and is the real you.

Understanding temperament has many benefits such as understanding others better or being able to communicate more easily with temperament types that are different from yours. But while you cannot change your temperament type, all of us CAN change our behaviors.

Knowing your temperamental weaknesses can help you reduce their impact on your life. Knowing your temperamental strengths can help you release them more into your everyday life. Feed your strengths and starve your weaknesses. Understand how your temperament impacts other types of individuals and adapt accordingly.

Moreso, it cwn play a major role in guiding your decision making in life and helps you maximize your potential.


I help people discover themselves through the understanding of temperaments and I shall be educating you in bits subsequently on this blog.

Fasten your seat belt and guard your loins as you Join me on this ride to self  discovery.

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