Understanding temperament

There are reasons for everything we do as humans, though it is often difficult for us to understand why we think like we think, feel like we feel, or act like we act in life. Many of the answers for human behavior can be found in people’s temperaments or personalities.

A generic explanation of human “Temperaments” or “Personalities” is that all of us have been born with genetically inherited “behavioral tendencies” that are as much a part of our DNA as is the color of our hair; all of us are made up of DNA combinations passed on to us through our parents and ancestors. This fact is important because it helps us to more fully understand our basic behavioral disposition. Even though much of our human personality is inherited, it should also be noted, that much of it has been influenced and shaped by our unique environments.

Most scientific research on human behavior suggests that about 50% of the variations in human personality are determined by genetic factors — so our human behavior is shaped equally by our environment and by our DNA. Thus, all of us as human beings have been hard-wired by our Creator.

We are not just products of random chance!

This will do for today. 

My name is  HADASSAH, 
I’m  a Singer, Speaker and Temperament Coach

I specialize  in helping people discover themselves,  gain clarity of direction, navigate transition, find their purpose , achieve their goals and maximise their potentials  through the understanding of TEMPERAMENTS

My core interest is to identify what motivates you and a commitment to clarify how you behave and act the way you do.

One of my mission parameters is to identify the core essentials which infuse thinking and motivate actions, then develop a plan with you for personal growth and self-improvement.

For over two years,  I have taught temperaments in schools, organizations, social media and other available platforms.  My experience as a CUSTOMER CARE representative with one of the most renowned Multinational Mobile Telecommunications Company  in the world  also added to my experience on dissecting different temperament types.  I have been privileged to train staff of organizations on how their temperaments affects work productivity, building  positive work ethics and how to find their place where their skills and talents can be fully expressed.

My SERIES WHO_AM_I? WITH_HADASSAH has helped a lot of people  understand their temperaments, discover themselves and identify  their strengths and weaknesses. This in turn has helped them used their strengths to benefit others and work on their weaknesses as they are identified.

I should be part of your schedule in 2019 cause you need me in all spheres.

Your recommendations and referrals will go a long way in creating awareness on what I do.

For bookings, send a mail to whoamiwithhadassah@gmail.com

Instagram handle : @hadassah_abosede

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