The Choleric temperament is fundamentally


The Choleric temperament is fundamentally 

mbitious and leader-like. The Choleric is the strongest of the extroverted Temperaments, and is sometimes referred to as a “Type A” personality or “the doer” (or “the driver”); he is a hard driving individual known for accomplishing goals… he has a lot of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and tries to instill it in others. Dominant in personality Cholerics desire control, and are best at jobs that demand strong control and authority, and require quick decisions and instant attention.

The Choleric is the most insensitive of the Temperaments; they care little for the feelings of others; feelings simply don’t play into the equation for them. Most Cholerics are men, and born leaders who exude confidence; they are naturally gifted businessmen, strong willed, independent, self sufficient, they see the whole picture, organize well, insist on production, stimulate activity, thrive on opposition, are unemotional and not easily discouraged. They are decisive, must correct wrongs when they see them, and compulsively need to change things.

They like to be in charge of everything… they are workaholics who thrive on control and want their way… they are highly independent people, and have very little respect for diplomas and other credentials. They set high standards, are diligent and hard-working, are rarely satisfied, and never give up their attempts to succeed.

Let’s look at the strenghts and weaknesses of the *CHOLERIC*

In brief, people of choleric temperament possess multiple strengths:


* Born leader
* Dynamic and active
* Compulsive need for change
* Must correct wrongs
* Strong-willed and decisive
* Unemotional
* Not easily discouraged
* Independent and self sufficient
* Exudes confidence

They are very decisive and indecision isn’t their thing.

I have an uncle who is purely choleric. I remember spending some time with him and his family during one of our holidays while I was in high school.

He had a food timetable and would abide by ot strictly with time.

When I got back to my house,  I could boldly look at a particular time of the day and tell the kind of food he would be eating at that moment😂😂😄😂😄😂.


* Can be bossy and impatient.
* Quick tempered, can’t relax and can be too impetuous.
* Enjoy controversy and arguments and won’t give up when losing.
* Can come on too strong, are inflexible and uncomplimentary.
* Unemotional and are generally unsympathetic.
* Can dominate situations, are too busy for your family and will often give answers too quickly.
* Impatient with perceived poor performance and have little tolerance for mistakes.
* Does not analyze details or get bogged down by trivia, often making rash decisions.
* Can be perceived as rude and tactless and can often manipulate people.
* Can be demanding of others and believes that the end justifies the means.
* Work may become the driving force in their life and demand loyalty in the ranks.
* Make decisions on other people’s behalf.
* Can be perceived to know everything

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