President Buhari sets for Mali meeting


The president of Republic of Nigeria will depart to Mali on the 23 of July on a day visit after the briefing by the former President of Nigeria Good luck Jonathan (ECOWAS Special Envoy to the country)

This was disclosed by the presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, Chairman of the Authority of Head of state and Government of the Regional organisation, president of Niger Republic  Mahamadou with other ECOWAS leaders  decided to meet in Mali to resolve the on-going political  crisis in the country

 The president of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, Senegal president, others are to participate in the Bamako reconciliation meeting.

As the country is currently experiencing political crisis, based on large number of protesters against the current Mali president, president Keita.

This was triggered by a resistance group M5 , demanding for the constitutional court to be disestablished and the president to step down.

This was prompted after the court annulled the results of 31 parliamentary seats in the polls held recently, granting conquest to some other contestants, which the resistance fashion group disagreed with the outcome of the decision of the court.

Which led to the July 10 riot, resulted in death of number of protesters .

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