A boy beating to death by his mother for stealing from her bank account

The Akure police officers, in Ondo state arrested a woman, which name is Mrs Ajoke Adebayo, for beating her son, Matthew a 14-year-old, to death. Also with a police officer, Mr Idowu Adebayo, who was invited by the woman to help her in beating her son.

Mr Adebayo was the brother-in-law to the deceased mother(Mrs Ajoke Adeboye) also contributed to the death of the boy by beating him along with his mother.

It was said that the deceased, who was a JSS 3 student, who was seriously maltreated to death by the two suspects for stealing N21,000 from the bank account of his mother

A witness said ,after she discovered that her son had stolen money from her bank account, Ajoke called her husband, Ayodele Adebayo, a police officer, to inform him about the misdeed of his son.

Adebayo was asserted to have ordered his brother, Idowu, who was also a police officer, to discipline the deceased.

The witness also said:

“As Idowu was beating the boy, Ajoke, his mother, also joined in beating and inflicting injuries on the body of the boy. After beating the boy, they locked him inside a room and went away.

“When they eventually opened the door of the room where he was locked in, he was unconscious and they rushed to the hospital, where he gave up the ghost.”

Meanwhile the public relations police officer in the state, Mr. Femi Joseph, who confirmed the incident.

He said:

“We have arrested the two suspects and, very soon, we will arrest the father of the deceased who is a police officer that gave the order to beat the boy. He is not serving in our command here but he will soon be arrested.

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