Amalgamation of Nigeria


Amalgamation in Nigeria? When? I’m talking about the amalgamation of Nigeria as a country in 1914 by Lord Federick Luggard. Simple definition is……”the action, process, or result of combining or uniting.” The southern and northern part of Nigeria where united for a common goal by Nigeria founding fathers In 1914.

It was clearly done in good faith because the geographical background accomodated this and it deemed it fit that both regions becomes one entity. At this time crude oil has not been discovered in the southern Nigeria. According to history, Oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1956 at Oloibiri in the Niger Delta after half a century of exploration. The discovery was made by Shell-BP, at the time the sole concessionaire. Nigeria joined the ranks of oil producers in 1958 when its first oil field came on stream producing 5,100 bpd.

Where did the problem of Nigeria began? From what we have seen, the founding fathers of Nigeria did not integrate the northern part of Nigeria because of the oil in the southern part. I believe that the status quo lies within the people of Nigeria themselves and it is time all Nigeria teamed up and mapped out a solid roadmap for the country rather than thinking of disintegrating.

Nigeria is feared today because of its population. In the western society, some people think that every black man is Nigerian. Will it not be better that the leaders settled down and stopped the pursuit of personal gain (corruption), work towards making Nigeria great for its children and those unborn. Nigeria is the heat of Africa and if solidified, Africa becomes a great continent altogether. The Northern and Southern Nigeria have great asset to share if only the corrupt leaders who have sat on the seat of power would come to their senses and work out how to make the country great again as it was in the 70’s


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