Boko Haram Jihadists Attack a Village in Adamawa State

Boko Haram Jihadists Attack a Village in Adamawa State,

Report stated that 21 people were killed in Kuda village of Adamawa State on Monday afternoon after the jihadist attacked

They were packed into four trucks and accompanied by gunmen on motorbikes, firing as they came and leaving blood and destruction behind.

When those that survive returned on Tuesday to bury the ones that were dead they counted 21 people killed.

Report later said they found the bodies of nine other people in the forest, murdered as they tried to escape.

“They were pursued and shot dead as they tried to flee into the bush,”

He also added

Two-thirds of homes in the village had been burnt and grain stores looted,

“The total number of the recovered bodies is now 30,” said Simon Damina, who is one of the villagers who is on the search team. “The toll may increase, as we are still searching for more bodies.”

There was no quick official response from the army or police.

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