Brexit last minute deal


The prime minister Boris Johnson is set to strike a last minute deal as he steps out of London to Brussels to sort the remaining challenge facing Brexit. Trade talks between the UK’s David Frost and the EU’s Michel Barnier  was nearly completed but observer’s say’s that it was kept on hold additional points were not included and as such was inconclusive held at 97% max.

The Uk is noted to have a last minute approach but if this is a political strategy on the Johnson’s side it looks like working. Interestingly the issue at stake seems to be fishing rights, The drag on who owns where to fish or who will be allowed to fish in both territories is the quagmire. The territories are too close and the issue is if the deal is reached will it be complied with and what happens if there is a breach. Will both parties try to yield and come to the centre today is what everyone is looking to see but hopefully a deal will be struck before the deadline

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