civil war looms in Ethiopia


The  prime minister of ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed a noble peace price winner, had ordered a military response to an “attack” by the ruling party of the restive Tigray region on a camp housing federal troops.  Abiy accused the the TPLF of attacking a military camp in the region and attempting to loot military assets.

Addressing the nation on TV, the prime minister announced that “several martyrs” had died in the attack in Mekele, the northern Tigray region’s capital, and Dansha town. The government declared a six-month state of emergency in the Tigray region. Accordung to the guardian new’s The TPLF dominated Ethiopia’s governing coalition for decades before Abiy took office in 2018 and announced sweeping political reforms. Those reforms, however, have allowed old ethnic and other grievances to surface, and led to instability.

One the reason’s that compounded this is that aby’s government has been labelled as illegitimate by the other party having postponed National election that supposed to take place in August indefinitely citing the reason for this to be covid-19 related. After the house voted to extend election which was supposed to end in October the Tigrayan leaders went ahead with regional elections in September that Abiy’s government deemed illegal. Now each side sees the other as illegitimate, and federal lawmakers have ruled that Abiy’s government should cut off contact with – and funding to – Tigray’s leadership according to

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