Duda wins Poland presidential campaign


Conservative President Andrzej Duda of poland has won the polish presidential race defeating the liberal Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski narrowly by 51.21 percent to 48.79 percent of the vote counted.

Duda is a stunch catholic supporter and events saw how the catholic church helped hm secured vote to defeat his opponent. Poland is routed in catholic beliefs infact 98 percent of the country norms are based on catholic faith which is the reason why Duda secured enough vote to pioneer him through

In another development Duda is anti LGBT, Gay bringing a heavy blow to the gay movement in poland of which Robert Bierdron who campaigne as a gay activist in the presidential election lost

The ruling party also used antisemitic tropes in the run-up to the vote by casting Mr Trzaskowski as someone who would sell out to Jewish interests. The relationship between Poland and Isreal deepens being that the ruling party have no significant purge to review the treatment of polish jews in 1990’s

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