Francis Williams ( The 1st black writer in British history)


Francis Williams was born around 1700 to John and Dorothy Williams, a free slave black couple in Jamaica who was transported to Britain. John was a wealthy business tychoon who enbarked on Jamaica sugar industry after he was freed.Francis father John william’s was a rich business tychoon who ensured that Francis and his brothers received a sound education.

Francis became a citizen of Britain in 1720,s and returned back to Jamaica where he enbarked on his family business empire and as well as a writer. His master “Duke of Montagu” wanted to show the white slave masters that the black man has the same potential as their white colleagues if they are exposed to the same quality education as their fellow white colleague’s.

This picture is a portrait by one of his unkwown admirers probably in Jamaica and it is noted that Francis was still alive during the time of this drawing. This is a follow up to our black history month

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