Green gold cure”Is it really working for corona-virus”


Madagascar has 5,080 confirmed coronavirus cases and 37 deaths, according to government data, this is the reason to worry as the government has indicated his willingness to withdraw from the World health organisation if his countries green gold cure alias covid organic’s is not accepted as cure to corona-virus. Earlier in the year Rajoelina launched his herbal medication and packaged it ready to be disbursed world wide as treatment to the infection but WHO undermine this herbal infection without even going through a text procedure, as at the moment it is not validated . Covid-Organics – a tonic derived from artemisia, a plant with proven efficacy in malaria treatment, and other indigenous herbs.

Many government officials have tested positive to this infection which include 14 senators, a deputy and a senator has also died.

Will this herbal tonic ever get approval as treatment for this deadly disease is what is yet to be ascertained. The capital city Antananarivo has been on lockdown since July 5 and infection continue to rise in this tiny indian ocean and should this continue this way covid-organics might die a natural death while the cure for corona-virus continues

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