Hoodlums 1 million gang terrorise lagosians

Alarm and chaos everywhere as lagosians cry out that they are unable to sleep. A lady living at Oke-ira ogba Ikeja was able to inform us that her family was not able to settle to bed last as 1 million gangs members terrorize the whole area last night. She also said that teenagers and young adults was able to form a vigilante group to attack the group.

When ask about the Lagos police she said that the police were no where to be seen and infact they are considering either to run away from home looking for a safe place. Where is this safe place when ask she said she has no idea and to be honest she dont know what is to happen next.

The government of Lagos State was initially warned about banning Okada drivers and it seems that this has generated a huge societal problem to the state. They lost their job and in other to survive where there is no government support this was created, “an idle mind is the devil workshop”. We ask the government of Lagos state to act fast and on time before it expand to a terrorist group

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