Ikorodu man tries to commit suicide because of his family abandoned him.

A MAN TRYING TO COMMIT SUCIDE WAS RESCUE BY HIS FAMILY*_A certain man (name withheld) who reside at ikorodu who was said that he left his family for some years now over nothing, by coming home to pack his belongings and left with another woman.
A reliable source made known to us *_that he was charmed by the woman he left with for so many years, now he has come back to his senses and want his family but the family are not ready to accept him back, 
 *Another eye witness made known to us  that on Thursday 14th February 2019 he was trying to commit a suicide but his neighbor called his family to come to rescue him, now he has been taken to the hospital for treatment by the same family who he left for so many years .

Story :Eniola


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