is this why corona-virus infection cases is droping in the west


The average temperature for the past 2weeks has been 24°C in the western part of Europe and it is extremely hot and humidity between 40-50%. Could we relate this to the reason why covid-19 deaths have reduced or are the authorities finding cure and ways to contain the virus.

In the other parts of the world where it is noted to have hot tempetures like in Africa we can see that the rate of infections and recovery is to a minimal. Also the third world countries have seen similar pandemics like ebola, malaria, lassa fever and so on therefore they were able to navigate around it quickly and get results if not in totality but considerable. One would have assumed that Africa would have been the epic centre of corona-virus but this has been proven to be the opposite.

If the rise in temperature have helped the western european countries then the authorities should maximise this opportunity as much as possible to get a working vaccine and treatment for this deadly disease before we approach september where the weather will start changing and before winter .

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