Kagara School Boys Abduction


As security problem continues in Nigeria, the abduction of the 27 school boys in Niger State of Nigeria gives more worry to the parents of these children. The boys and others who where kidnapped where seen on National television (Arise News). The bandits where seen displaying heavy guns in front of their hostages. They threating to kill these little children if 500,000 Million Naira is not paid to free them.

Not much have been heard from the President “Buhari” and from an insider the governor of the state is worried and working round the clock for the safe release of these children. President Buhari who is from the Fulani tribe and from the Northern Nigeria had promised that he will bring the insurgence of boko haram and other terrorist group to a halt during his political campaign for president, but history have shown that his administration had witnessed more violence, abduction, herdsmen killing and rise of other militant groups in every neighbourhood in different part of the country.

We hope that the new service chief’s will bring recent uprising in Nigeria to a halt.

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