Kamala Harris for VP


The california senator Kamala Harris has been nominated by Joe Biden US presidential democratic candidate to pair with him in winning the race to the white house come November 2020.

Kamala was born in 1964 by jamaican lecturer and an indian diplomat who work as a cancer researcher in the United States of America. Kamala was a district attorney who prosecuted lots of cases, in the 90’s, she have reputation for toughness as she prosecuted cases of gang violence, drug trafficking, and sexual abuse in oakland. She is also an author of the book, Smart on Crime (2009) cowritten with Joan O’C. Hamilton), which deal with chronic criminal behaviour.

What will Kamala bring in to give Joe Biden boost in his quest for white house defeating his rival Donald Trump who has made America great again after Obama was accused of being weak. Will she draw more black and indian support to her party or was it a show for black American’s who has been marginalised. Lets wait and see as story begins to unfold.

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