Museveni slams all stick to his win

The long serving Ugandan president yoweri museveni had been declared winner while his opponent Bobi wine claims that election was rigged the long serving president however will never had accepted defeat if really Bobi Wine won. The fact is that to have allowed the President to rule the country for 35years was an offence in itself knowing that it will be dificult for him to leave office which he mentally has regarded as his right and property.

The people of Uganda have to bear this precarous event and wait until the death of this president and then after rewrite the constitution. The sleeepiness and cowardness of the Ugandan people is beyond retrieval therefore have to bear the consequences of their irreparable action.Where there no smart and educated people in Uganda who would have figured the looming and upcoming danger.

In this case precaution and wisdom have to be taken so that the Ugandan citizens do not bear the brunt of theconsequencies that this crisis may produce to Ugandan people and to Africa as a whole. Let peace rain In Uganda and if takes Museveni to remain as president and preserve peace, let it be.

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