Nigeria Bubbles in Crises “this is not only SARS issue, no more confidence in the government”


The citizens are roaring crying without help the government has collapsed the police are hungry and to survive they are killing and robbing innocent people, where is the president, the vice president is helpless a walking figure without authority walking like a dead corpse afraid of any statement that could result of his incarceration, mazi nnamdi kalu called Buhari a foreigner from Sudan and therefore labeled Nigeria a zoo.

Kalu in exile

Nigerian’s protest Continues all over the country but the issue is not the protest but accumulated injustice nepotism, corruption, lawlessness marginalization and many more. Nnamdi Kalu has many times asked for Biafra for the Igbos . He has stated that the people of Igbo Origin are not Nigerian’s and therefore resumed the agitation of biafran independence started in the 1960’s by warlord late Odumegwu Ojukwu

The Nigeria Police have over the years robbed its citizens rather than protecting it therefore the people have reached their peak of injustice and by nature have to cry out

The Police used guns to rob innocent civilians and all over the country the people are agitated, and living in fear to make it worst the newly introduces police department (SARS) are notoriously killing and estorting money from innocent civilians !!!!! hey this is not new it has been part of the Nigerian police system!!!!!! and proceeds shared with their commanders therefore no investitagations are ever carried out. Is this why Nnamdi Kalu called Nigeria a “ZOO”

Where is Buhari in spite of all this the president have no value for human live’s and so never takes urgent issues in high priority. He addresses issues based on his will not on the issue of the people that voted for him. The Buhari government has collapse and something has to be done. We Nigeria Diaspora living all over the world are asking the government to throw in the towel and let there be urgent election for a new leader with new idea’s to carry the country further. Enough is Enough

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