No Deal Brexit(Likely Scenario)

Brexit crisis seems to have no solution as the house of commons voted against all options yesterday.
Theresa May has fought very hard to see brexit actualize but his colleagues in the house seems adamant. In the ongoing  scenario Africa might be the best trading option to United Kingdom but what does Africa has to offer. With uncertainty and strife in Africa couple with terrorism and corruption Africa has to learn and think back how they can turn around and better the continent. From record in the crude oil sector in Nigeria, nigeria has no accurate figure how many barrel of crude oil is being produced and exported, all is based on estimates. !!NNPC: the multinationals in Nigeria had been operating under what is called a concession system, with NNPC being the concessionaire, while the companies are the operators!!. If the foreign companies are the operators how can NNPC have accurate figure on what is produced.
Time for Africa to wake up. corruption kills and have killed Africa economy. While the west are thinking and researching how to better their people Africa leaders are thinking how to better their immediate family. If the Uk exit European Union and turn to Africa for their immediate supplies of needs for instance in Farming and Agriculture, which African country can boast of meeting the supply.

Food import figures in UK
79% of food and drink  comes from the EU
11% is from countries such as the USA, China, Brazil and Australia.
9% comes from bilateral agreements with countries such as Canada, Norway and Chile.


Where do Africa belong in the above statistic knowing fully well that Africa have the enabling environment to produce as much Agricultural produce as possible. Enough of this shame Africa. do a u-turn and think how to move forward

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