Obasanjo wrote open letter to buhari


Olusegun Obasanjo

Chief Obasanjo the only fearless former president of Nigeria have written an open letter on security issues to president Buhari. It has come to diaspora knowledge that the country called Nigeria has been hijacked by criminals, armed robbery, kidnappers etc and no part of Nigeria is free of attack or assault to any Nigeria or visitors and we wonder how the Nigerians leaving abroad will be bold enough to visit their country of birth which is their civil right and God given gift which no man can take from them.

If the president of Nigeria who was once a military general cannot offer safety to Nigerians then what hope do ordinary Nigerian’s have. Many Nigeria leaving abroad have sworn never to visit that country called Nigeria or even bring their children on holiday visit. what kind of leadership do we have in Nigeria.The legislature the executive and the judiciary have failed Nigerian’s. This is a shame for a country refered to as the giant of Africa.

Thank you Chief Obasanjo for speaking publicly.

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