Oud fragrance palace endorsed Toyin Lawani

On the 17th of January 2019, the world witnessed the official signing ceremony between Oud fragrance palace and Toyin Lawani, the CEO of Tiannah’s Empire @tiannahsplacempire as Oud fragrance palace signed her as the new face of the Oud fragrance palace (OFP)  @oudfragrancepalace making her their brand Ambassador.

During the briefing reps of both Miss Lawani and Oud Fragrance palace (OFP)stated that the signing of the agreement also promises to be the beginning of more collaborations between Miss Lawani @tiannahsplacempire and Oud Fragrance palaceĀ  @oudfragrancepalace Starting with the Valentine gift combos, Oud fragrance Palace


Valentine discount sales, as well as the grand opening of a new branch of Oud fragrance palace (OFP)which comes with a massive give away for a lucky follower.

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