Papau New Guinea cries out


As the corona-virus infections surges in the tiny southwestern Pacific ocean of eight million peopleo, the president of the country cries to WHO for help. The government needs emergencyy health worker, testing tools and laboratories, and ppe for its workforce who are at the frontline.

The government also ordered the mandatory wearing of face masks in public in the capital, Port Moresby, as part of a slew of measures to help contain the spread of the disease, The National newspaper reported on Thursday.

Prime Minister James Marape was also quoted as telling residents “not to be complacent or too relaxed because the COVID-19 is spreading”. reported by ajazeera news. Churches and restaurants remain opened while night clubs are all banned from opening. This tiny pacific island is one of the poorest in the region and has recently been fighting Malaria, Polio Hiv/aids

papau new guinea

Coronavirus Cases:30


Recovered : 8

The curve seems to rising according to worldometer report and as such the government is trying all it could to stop the acceleration which will not only benefit the region but the world as a whole

The World health organisation (WHO) should therefore listen and expedite action to this southwestern Pacific coutry in making sure the call is attended to urgently before it explodes.

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