PM Boris Johnson imposes new lockdown measure’s


Covid-19 cases are rising in England, patients in hospitals are rising, death rate’s are increasing, the chief scientific advisors Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty calls for a meeting , i have said this ‘ the government is taking a wrong direction’ so he say’s, boom boom boom The Prime Minister rushes out ‘ Work from home if you can’ other directive’s to follow which everyone in England must abide are

  • The next 6months are crucial and no going back on these laws till after 6months
  • All pubs are closed from 10pm for the next 6 months
  • Sporting events which were scheduled to resume in October are all suspended indefinitely
  • Work from home if you can

Other strict laws for example family of six can meet, face mask social distancing etc still applies. This is a crucial moment and it looks like the authorities are confused, not up to 1 month ago Boris was begging people to get out from home and go their respective offices. Eating outside was encouraged by the government Eat out discount. What is happening, this is like experimental moments said alan smith in canterbury. How long will this continue, there is no solution to this pandemic and the government does not want to be blamed again after they have been blamed in the first wave. What will you do if you where the Prime Minister

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