Rumour or Not”Trump’s Party”


The former President of the United State of America (USA), Donald Trump, a nationalist, fearless without compromise, outspoken without impunity, a far right republican having over 70 million followers, and prominent to the world, will not throw in towel just because he lost the last presidential election. In his farewell message, he declared “we’ll be back in some form.”

On Monday, Trump opened an office in Florida that will handle his duties as the former US president, according to a statement by the office and as revealed by This action signals that his political ambition is not over and has given his supporters hope of a swift return to the limelight after his impeachment trial and the new administration settling down.

Rumour has it that the former president is considering the idea of floating a new party called the Patriotic Party. Trump has enough supporters to bring the rumour into reality and scale through the next election. The performance of president Biden will either shoot him up or deter his political future and his chances of returning to power in the next 4 years.


Former president Trump is a successful businessman and his wealth is believed to be in the billions. Trump knows how not to fail in business and has a way of protecting himself from the consequences of many dire business ventures. He does not associate himself with failures and turns woeful financial situations to personal wins and leaving many small business and little guys to bear the loss. Trumps businesses are getting closer and closer to bankruptcy, but he has not personally declared bankrupt.

Although, Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, many of his hotels and casino businesses have declared bankruptcy six times between 1991 and 2009 due to their inability to meet required payments and to re-negotiate their debts with banks, stock and bond owners, and various small businesses (unsecured creditors). Because of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws of the US, the businesses were allowed to operate while negotiations were going on. Trump was quoted by Newsweek in 2011 saying, “I do play with the bankruptcy laws—they’re very good for me.”

Taxes Paid

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President Trump has denied these numbers. Supporters of Trump believe that if he has defaulted in tax payments, he would have been in jail by now. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the former president is tax compliant. He is a successful businessman and capitalizes on every opportunity or loophole to his benefit.

Trump as a politician

Trump came into the Oval office with his business ideas and intelligence. He studied what the people of America want and capitalized on the racial sentiments and intolerance affecting America, and came up with the slogan – Make America Great Again. In other words, TRUMP IS A TRUE REPLICA OF AMERICA, HE RULED THE WAY DISGRUNTLED AMERICANS WANTED AND THE WAY SOME PEOPLE IN AMERICA WANT AMERICA TO BE. Why do people blame Trump and not America? Trump is clever and a genius in his own way. The acquittal of the former president impeachment in senate proves us right. He is very good at manipulating the system.

“There’s no question—none—that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day, “McConnell said. “No question about it. The people that stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president.”

As far as I am concern Trump has no case to answer and everybody should stop castigating him. Trump is a man of war, fearless and brave, and people like him are hard to find. The world feared America during his regime, hence America did not witness terrorism. Will President Biden match this achievements? We wait and see.

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