Simi and Adekunle gold new wedding vows


Since the truth about the relationship of Simi and Adekunle as been unveil in which Simi openly confesses her love for Adekunle Gold after coming out to support her at her annual concert held in December 2018.

Adekunle Gold also tweeted that they were in love and Simi will always be the woman after his heart, after supporting him during his (3) days concert in December also. To all surprise the singers sealed their love with a low key traditional wedding in Lagos some weeks ago with some friends and family members.

While many are still not sure if the singers are truly married, yeah guys they are truly married and they are also reassuring each other that their love will never die,wow so cute… Adekunle Gold recently released a new song, titled ‘Promise’, featuring the bride Simi, displaying the art work of the song, you know as a graphic designer on his page with the caption; “Promise me you’ll grow old with me  and ride with me till the sun goes down”, to which Simi replied him on her own Instagram page also saying; “I’ll ride with you till we’re a hundred and forty four.” seriously? anyways that is so sweet guys and your love will never die okay…smile

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