Sunday Igboho in Ogun State


This man Sunday Igboho the popular yoruba activist finally arrived in Ogun state in continuation of his fight to evict the Fulani herdsmen and finally bring hope to the local south west of Nigeria citizens. He was seen in escort by loyalist and men of Yoruba descent who believed that they finally found hope where there was no hope.

He started by thanking the governor of Ogun State who recognised his effort to bring peace to Yoruba land and praise all Yoruba men who stood by him in this fight, He also thanked the diaspora community all over the world who has aided him in this struggle and believed that he will surely succeed . He reinterated that this struggle is for both the Christians and Moslems and also to the lowest people in the community.

whoever has what it takes to help us get security right is welcome in Ogun State said Remmy Hazzan, the special adviser on public communications to Ogun State Governor. As Sunday igboho leaves ogun state the next destination is assumed to be other locations where the Fulani herdsmen are based.

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