Sunny Sands beach in Folkstone in full capacity


Yesterday the 31st of July withness one of the highest tempeture this year with tempetaure reaching 35 degree centigrade 35°C in Uk and to witness what is happening now our reporter Jude travelled to sunny sands beach and to his suprise it was like any other day any other year and people were at full capacity no face mask nothing to show that corona-virus still exist. It was all the same, people in water in the sands etc

Every nationality was represented white, black, asians, the muslims celebrating Eid and so on. There was no parking spaces and it was like this is another country. To be honest when you are there you forget that there is any issue going on in United Kingdom and that covid-19 is real.

Going on to see other notable places the Grand Burstin hotel was in full capacity taking orders and people in queue wanting to check in some with their dogs at the entrance, hardky do you see social distancing nor face mask. At the restaurants food are served to guest as normal

Other hotels in the area seems to be busy as people are seen seated outside and having some refreshments. We do not know how covid-19 spread will be minimized in the UK but the scene at the beach was fearful. We hope authorities will do something at the beaches to control movement of people and social distancing. At the moment we fear that people who are obeying government orders and directives are at risk of getting this deadly virus from people who do not care.

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