Tanzania lady attacked by husband for refusing ,”Ana sex”

A lady from Tanzania was brutally beaten by her husband for not allowing him to have “Anal sex” with her, this happen in Kijichi, Mkoa in western Zanzibar, Tanzania.

She said her husband has always been asking such act from her for a very long time and she as been refusing it because Anal sex is against her religious practice (Islamic), which makes her partner called her to be “Naive”.

It all started 3month into our wedding when he started asking for Anal sex which I kept saying NO to his demand even when I was 7months pregnant he still want to have the Anal sex act. Saying this to Tanzania’s Mwananchi Newspaper.

But the husband denies the allegations and claims the fight happens when her in_laws asked a lot of money as dowry from him, he also said his wife’s family use to mock him for being “broke”

Meanwhile the police are still investigating the issue.

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