The royals sue paparazzi over alleged Achie privacy


The Duke and Duchess of sussex are sueing an unknown paparrazi over breach of privacy spying on their family and taking pictures of their son archie which has been going on continously in their california home. The couple say’s that the photo’s where likely taken at the backyard of their los angeles home and as such violate’s california privacy law.

The photo’s show the couple with their 14month old son at the back of a suit in los angeles where the family has been staying since moved in from canada and it was noted that the couple have been trailed by paparazzi from UK to Canada and to secure a safe place they decided to settle in california where the law will protect them. It was not mention in the law-suit who the defendant is but the defendant is mentioned as John Does. The couple’s lawyer is seeking to subpoena people who may have knowledge about the intrusions as report by nytimes.

The couple Prince Harry and Meghan are suing under a so-called paparazzi law in California, under which a person can be held liable civilly for airspace intrusions to take photographs of a person on private property. 

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