Tinubu whereabout


Having appeared over the weekend the whereabout of Bola Tinubu unfolds. The statesman who have lost Oriental Hotel, Television Continental (TVC) and Nations newspaper through the vandalization and burning had said that he went nowhere and that news saying he flew to France and then to UK was not real and wondered how the masses believed such fake story.

Tinubu has over the time has been accused of mass corruption having been governor of one of the richest state in Nigeria and has been actively involved with the rulling party and now the chairman of APC. He is untouchable a local chief of the yoruba tribe and enormously wealthy and pressumed the 2nd richest man in Nigeria and the richest man in Lagos state, a king maker and a formidable household name all over Africa.

Corruption in Nigeria is not new, the agenda to bring an end to corruption in Nigeria promised by Muhammadu Buhari president of Nigeria had yielded little or no effect as people have accused the president of only targeting his political opponents while people like Bola Tinubu had never been questioned about how he made his billions.

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