Tonto Dikek speaks about abuse from ex husband

The issues between Tonto Dikeh and her ex-husband is becoming so alarming as she has expose her ex-husband, churchhill for not lasting beyond 50 seconds in bed.

In an interview she said

“I slept with him because he lied to me that he was Obasanjo’s son, not knowing he was the son of Obasanjo’s gardener. I paid for our wedding with my money to the last Kobo!
Also adding to her words she said Churchill suffers from premature ejaculation and can’t last 50 seconds inside a woman. Like seriously!?

She also made it known that her ex husband is into Yahoo plus, and she never wanted to keep her pregnancy but she was persuaded by her husband not to abort it.

This is what they called love goes sour, and is it really necessary to wash your dirty cloth in public?
And exposing the father of her son makes any useful purpose?

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