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My mission is to help you discover yourself through the understanding of TEMPERAMENT which in turn will help you navigate and maximize your potential to the fullest.

Today,  I’m starting with a fresh series;  THE FOUR BASIC TEMPERAMENTS and I shall be treating the very first one as displayed in the picture below;


The sanguine person is quickly aroused and vehemently excited by whatever influences them. The reaction follows immediately, but the impression lasts but a short time. Consequently the remembrance of the impression does not easily cause new excitement. They are the glue that keep a group together.

In modern society, you might see them as entertainers, singers, dancers, or perhaps simply as the energetic people at parties. In fantasy, they might be Bards.

The sanguine looks at everything from the bright side. He is optimistic, overlooks difficulties, and is always sure of success. If he fails, he does not worry about it too long but consoles himself easily. His cheerfulness explains his inclination to make fun on others, to tease them and to play tricks on them. He takes it for granted that others are willing to accept such things in good humor and he is very much surprised if they appear to be unhappy or angry on him.

1. The sanguine person has many qualities which can be properly valued by friends and coworkers.
a) The sanguine is an extrovert; he readily makes acquaintance with other people, is very communicative, talkative, and associates easily with strangers.
b) He is friendly in speech and behavior and can pleasantly entertain his fellow men by his interesting views and stories.
c) He is very pleasant and willing to help. He assists not so coldly and distantly as a choleric, and not so warmly and touchingly as the melancholic, but at least in such a pleasant way that they are kindly received.

1. The pride of the sanguine person does not manifest itself as excessive ambition or inflexibility, as it does in the choleric, nor as fear of humiliation, as in the melancholic, but as a strong inclination to overvalue his importance. The sanguine person finds a pure childish joy and satisfaction in his personal appearance, in his clothes and work. He loves to behold himself in the mirror. He feels happy when praised and is therefore very susceptible to flattery.
2. The sanguine person is inclined to easy tendency for intimacy and flirtation. 
3. He does not like to be alone; he loves amusement.

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