What? Iran has no capability to operate nuclear weapon(176 killed by Iran missile)

According to CNN report, the Iranian government has finally agreed the downing of ukranian flight that killed 176 people on board. The statement and i quote !!The aircraft came close to a sensitive IRGC military center at an altitude and flight condition that resembled hostile targeting. Under these circumstances, the aircraft was unintentionally hit!!! The above statement looks childish for a state that has been pursuing an intention to enrich uranium prior to building a nuclear weapon. This shows the weakness of the country’s defence system and its technology and to save further catastrophy we plead that Iran will not be allowed to build a nuclear weapon now or in the near future. We weap for the those who were burnt to ashes and the families of the deceased.

We ask Iran government to look towards the welfare of its citizens and how to better the middle east rather than thinking of going to war which they are not equiped to fight. Sanctions after Sanctions are pouring upon its citizens and babies are dying daily in the hospitals, why the arrogance and pride. The Iranian government should mellow down and think positively how to better the world enough of innocent souls dying.

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