White Power Retweet


Donald Trump have been criticized for his retweet of the white power video which has prompted to the delete of his video and gives rise to worry about the president support for racism. It is noted that from the beginning of his political campaign Trump has been very vocal about making America great again and expulsion of illegal immigrants that are living in the country and this in turn have contributed to him winning the presidential election 4 years ago.

From the development of events it is evident that the white in Americans supports racism and because Trump wants to win the US election again will have to follow what the populace wants as to get the tickets of the white house. The American population have to be educated with the danger of racism letting them known that no colour is excluded of the danger posed by racism. As the black man is being killed on the streets of america the white men have to watch their back as well because they are liable to attacks by the black men and thats is why racism should be eradicate in totality.

Politics is a deadly game, power intoxicates and absolute power intoxicates absolutely, all the politicians know is about getting into the office they undermine the negative effects of abstruct and negative campaign that is associated with it therefore they tend to bend to where the votes count.

At the moment the average white american is vividly racist and if they have 70% of the population of america then Trump limping to the far left in other to get re-elected makes sense for him and republican’s, therefore criticism’s about the president posting a video in tweeter does not make sense to him, he is only trying to show to the whole world that he is still in control and definitely he will get to the white house. It a warning to the democrats that he is still in control and no one will stop him

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