Why Okada Riders should not be banned

The Lagos state government is giving a deaf ear to complaints by okada riders in regards to stopping and banning their operation in lagos. This has caught the attention of diasporablogg community and we are asking and advising the lagos government to reverse that law .


80% of lagosians are unemployed and have no hope of living

There is no alternative Job arrangement provided for the okada riders

There is no social welfare in place for lagosians

Nigerian citizens are living on self provide basis

There is no power (electricity) for the people should they want to be involved in micro trading

The citizens of Nigeria are negleted to the fullest

The Okada riders have family who depend on their daily income

The Killings and kidnaps in Nigeria will multiply to over 599%

Nigerians needs peace

and so on


The Government should map a route for okada riders alone

The Okada riders must be registered with the internal revenue board for tax purposes

The Okada riders have to do a motorbike text before they are certified to ply the road

There should be a government monitoring agency that monitors riders to make sure they comply with the law

While every government all over the world are encouraging entrepreneuship, Nigeria is the only government that oppose it, Okada business contribute to at least 20% of lagos state generated revenue yet the government do not want to see the means of how to explore the industry and make money out it. All what the state governments does is rely on funds from the Federal government to run the state and embezzle whatever they can loot to foreign accounts. Time for Nigeria to think and change

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