Will the Ipob succeed in its fight to freedom(biafra)


The demise of former leader General Chukwuemeka Ojukwu who in the 60’s started the fight that led to mass killings and genocide of over 1million Ibo’s in igboland by the Nigerian Led Military government of General Yakubu Gowon has led to the birth of Indigenous people of biafra (IPOB) born in 2012, an orgnisation pursuing to actualize biafran state. Nnamdi Kanu is a british citizen of Igbo origin, his agitation started after The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASOB) and the Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM) which rose to the spotlight in 2012 failed to achieve any result.

Mazi Kanu whereabout at this moment is not certain but it has been revealed that he is hiding in Isreal even though Isreali government has denied his presence in the state of Isreal. He is in hiding since April 2017 having asconded from his home town (Umuahia) alledging that the government of Nigeria have planned to assasinate him. Since he fled he has been reaching out to his fellow Igbo people whom he addresses as Biafrans in his weakly broadcast “radio biafra”. He has frequently posted so many broadcast on facebook live giving instructions how the State of Biafra should be Run underminding the present Nigerian government led by Muhamadu Buhari.

He has referred to Nigeria as a zoo state stating that the president of Nigeria has been toppled after his death (however without evidence) by a man from Sudan named Jubril,” a Sudanese, and has challenged all biafrans and Nigerians in principle to investigate his allegation. He has called all Igbo’s to shun Nigeria and come en-mass towards secceding and make Biafran a sovereign country.

Does Nnamdi Kanu have all it takes to actualize his cause? this we dont know but watching events in the South East of Nigeria there seem to be lack of Unity among peers of Igbo land. The governors of south Eastern states seems to be divided as to this issue as we have not seen any solid backing from any state and it looks that as far as they are concerned Kanu is fighting and individual cause “lone ranger”.

Lets delve in to the Legislatures in both Federal houses of parliaments in Nigeria. In the Senate there is no agenda or ongoing discussion raised by the people of South Eastern Nigera neither is there one in the house of representatives at any level. One wonders if these people are actually fighting the same cause Mazi Nnamdi Kalu seems to be fighting. There is no leadership entity for the Igbo people compared to what we have in the Northern part and Southern South of Nigeria. The Igbo’s are noted to be self reliance and thier associations are based on constitution therefore this case is not in exclusion.

Mazi Kanu Relying on external powers to actualize Biafra

Biafran Flag.!!Will it ever fly!!

Events however are developing in the western world where Kanu has been compaigning about the evil treatments of the Igbos in the present Nigeria and also how the Nigeria government has neglected the Igbo’s. The medium used for his broadcast is mainly radio biafra and it is estimated that nearly a million of listeners tune in every week to listen to his broadcast. One listener Tony Okonkwo said that his broadcast is full of authority without respect to anyone listening. He is also known to use facebook post as an outlet to his post. Just of recent it was said that he is set to organise a mass rally in America, and other western world. It was reported that he has contact with the white house and his cause has been made known but the way president Trump is handling issue is not yet made public .

United Kingdom is a great ally of Nigeria having colonised Nigeria for decades before relinguishing power, making Nigeria a sovereign state and handing total control of all leadership to Nigeria. What is there involvement in the ongoing event?. It will be agreed with me that Britain have a great role to play and survival of Biafra cause will only be actualized if the Royal Majesty government gives a green light towards it. Has Kanu and his allies able to convince her Royal Majesty why the Igbos’s need seccession? there is no clarity towards this, the queen is a woman of peace and rather than allowing the events of the 60’s to repeat itself i believe she will give a blind eye towards this and convince his greatest ally America to withdraw its cause. Lets wait and see.

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