2 Chinese arrested over N100m Bribery(Kudos EFCC)

While the Nigerian governement is fighting corruption, the nation has seen improper conducts from foreigners, especially the chinese in all areas of trade all round the country. Just few weeks ago 2 chinese where arrested by the zamfara state government for illegal mining activities. These activities by the chinese have spread all over Africa in the past years and the African governments are not paying too much attention to this due to the fact that there is collaboration with Africa high officials striking these illegal deals.

These chinese where awarded contracts worth billions of naira by the zamfara state government for construction of roads and also for construction of 168 solar-powered boreholes in the 14 local government areas of the state. This contract was awarded in 2012 through 2019 and it has been alleged that the money for the contracts been disbursed to local foreign exchange and others hidden in different coffers.

The economic and financial crime commision (efcc) have been trailing this illegal company operating as China Zhonghao Nig. Ltd. It is noted that the company noticed that they were being trailed and tried to move fast by bribing the efcc official but little do they know that they have fallen into a trap set by efcc and as the money was being arranged , they where apprehended.

The question is why will the bank release such huge amount of money in cash. Nigeria has been known to operate a cashless society and to eliminate this kind of activity Nigerian government should work on their financial system as there seems to be a lot of loophole in the system.

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