Good samaritan rescued accident victims


Daniel Nwankwo which to be called a good Samaritan persuaded Nigerians to always help those who are accident victims instead of doing nothing but watching them to die. 
Tweeted this on his page;

Hearing a loud noise I saw a crowd that was surrounding two accident victims with so much blood filled around them.

Everybody got busy exclaiming chai chai, but nobody was ready to save them. This drew my memory back to how i lost my kid brother who slumped in front of our house while everyone of us were out. news had it that people were busy observing and leaving the scene without a compassionate interest to save him.

The sad news was that he died even after he was rushed to the hospital.

I vowed to always be on the look out for those who truly needs help that no one could offer.

today adds to the stories. i forcefully had to persuade a keke man who helped to lift the guy whose face was severely smashed with so much blood pumping out.

He was now feeling so lifeless almost loosing his life until we found ourselves in general hospital off portharcourt road were he was  giving first aid treatment to fully gain back consciousness.

After rallying round to pay up the necessary bills for the initial treatment, i succeeded in connecting the families of both victims.

watching the time it was eleven already and i need to go.

the nurses were so thankful and tagged me the “good Samaritan” but that wasn’t my joy. I was happy that i found the opportunity that i have been looking for overtime. One of my goals this year is to reach out to health challenged individuals, making out time to administer prayers and physical kindness to them. And also to cloth the needy exercise.

I took the contact of a lady who brought a fellow with face tumor problem.

I also took the contact of the friendly nurse, i told her that i will be back but i think this time we need to start work.

I cant do this alone.

people like that needs your support.

Let’s make this world a better place.

Let’s stop shying away from such responsibities; with the fear of being victims of circumstances. 

Who knows who the next victim might be.

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