Africa in 2020(Reminder)


Africa in 2020(Reminder)

The continent of Africa is a massive social cultural community of people gifted in every areas of trade with highly educated professionals scattered within the borders of north south east west and central regions of Africa.  Africa is massively blessed with full mineral resources and natural beauty couple with good weather for farm produce and agricultural produce.

The south Africa is reach in diamond and Gold. South Africa is still number 5 in gold. It is the world’s largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium and vermiculite.

East Africa is endowed with deposits of nickel, vanadium, cassiterite, colombo-tantalite, golduranium, rare earth oxides, peat, cobalt, copper, platinum, hydropower, niobium, tantalum, goldtin, tungsten, kaolin and limestone

North Africa has vast oil and natural gas deposits, the Sahara holds the most strategic nuclear ore, and resources such as coltan, gold, and copper

West Africa is massively rich in Crude oil, Gold, Diamond among others.

Africa Scholars

There are vast majority of Africa scholars living in all part of the world because there is no enabling environment for them to strive. The fact is that the government of Africa are still asleep.

The main killer of Africa development are Corruption, Security for its citizens, Lack of Infrastructures, Fear of persecution from the government ie freedom of speech, power struggle and a host of others.

The government of Africa.

Why the West are thinking of how to improve the living standard of its people and making the world a better place for all irrespective of color origin and geographical location African leaders are thinking of massively enriching their immediate families and stocking wealth for their families.  The leaders are myopic. In Nigeria alone over 10 trillion dollars have been embezzled by its leaders and money looted and kept in foreign banks. Do the Nigerian Government have any plans in place to better its citizens and make the world a better place, there is no plans in place for that for now. The government promised to recover all the looted money since 6 years nothing has been recovered all they are fighting are political opponents.

Since the South African government gained independence the country has deteriorated to its minimum. Corruption has taken over the government citizens are at war with unseen enemy blaming problem on the diasporas. Jacob Zuma government recorded enormous corruption in history of South Africa. Zimbabwe is a flat economy nothing extra to show to its citizens. Citizens are living well below humanly accepted level. All part of Africa are the same.

Africa needs to turn around

Africa needs to learn from the west and turn around this will only be done by Africans and by Africa leaders. Nigeria’s approved 10.59 trillion naira ($34.6 billion) budget for 2020. This has been ongoing yearly and to the best of my knowledge half of this money is diverted to foreign banks.


Africa has no power production in actual fact there is no plan in place to for stable electricity production in Africa.

Research and development in Africa is zero. The only one I know about is a research where the money looted will kept safely for them when they leave office.

The Issue

The issue is that Africa needs to come out of its slumber knowing  well that its development lies within its owns hand. No one can do it for them its either make or break why blaming the advance countries for the downfall of Africa. Africa needs to work towards making Africa great and not hiding under a shield otherwise Africa will remain like the way it is and in no time taking overtaking by the Chinese who are looking for any opportunity to evade.

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