China Dodgy bid to hold on Africa


China pledge to give $2 billion to the WHO over the next two years to assist developing economies is another cunning way of sneeking into a helpless continent that is full of corrupt leadership. African leaders must resist this attempt because china agenda has been to enrich themselves and attempt to rule the world.

The recent event of corona-virus outbreak has placed China in a traumatic state by the West and has exposed their hidden agenda of exploitation and systematic control, dodgy dealings and indirect assault of others through infliction of pain, injury leading to death through production of fake goods and products which themselve’s cannot use but ship and sell to helpless economys the third world countries. The chinese pattern is a milipidian and sneaky method which cannot be seen directly but takes careful scrutiny and observation in an indepth level to expose. The Chinese are not wanted in Africa this they need to know because Africa do not need to be re-colonised. Africa needs to be independent in every area so that they can see proper to work on themselves and wakeup from their slumber. Africa have all it takes to remain alone but the parasitic chinese will not let go.

History have show that dependence on importation is suicide. Since the Chinese came to Africa, Africa GDP is on minus comparing to when Africa was dealing with the West in the 1980’s. Especially in Nigeria the hope of Africa 80% of all manufacturing companies have closed production due to the fact that the corrupt politicians opened all importation network from China to invade the Land. Construction industry suffered the most followed by technology then other areas follows. China is a pest

Donald Trump have seized funding WHO and so the Chinese raised hands to support WHO. Africa needs funding to fight corona-virus and so China cunningly is trying to fund WHO which indirectly will be giving money to corrupt Africa leaders in disguise to fighting the pandemic.

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