Erdogan and fight against Terrorism


Meanwhile, Turkish fighters and their allies were continuing to attack Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ayn, two cities that have been the focus of Ankara’s mission to push Kurdish fighters – whom it considers to be terrorists – away from its southern border and create a 20-mile buffer zone where it says it will resettle at least 1 million Syrian refugees.

The issue of turkey and the kurds in Syria can be compared to boko haram in sambisa forest in Maiduguri Nigeria. Erdogan would have been preventing future problem by trying to make the Turkish border a safe zone by invading that section and occupy it before it becomes a terrorist territory. A good government looks ahead and plan logistically and this is why western governments are more successful because they are not selfish but they rule while planning ahead for the future government that will take over from them.

We have a case in Nigeria where boko haram emanated from nowhere and in years became a monster in a country govern by a legitimate government. Now boko haram have established to the point that it is hard to deal with. They have spreaded and became mini power.

While the United State and the European Union are frowning at Erdogan regime can I urge them to look at it from a different point of view and assume this issue in a different perspective knowing  well that terrorism needs to be tackled with all facets and means to deter its future consequences.

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