HushPuppi arrest a message in messages

The flambouyant yahoo boy hushpuppi who was arrested in dubai by Fbi sends a message accross to all Nigerians that wealth can only be made through hard work. Hushpuppi had paraded his wealth in twitter and had many followers who had aspired to be him but if you aspire to be hushpuppi you will end up like hushpuppi. Hushpuppi stands the chance of loosing everything he got as the law will stripe him of all wealth and then land him in jail “this is the Law not a curse”.

He had paraded cars worth of millions and thinking he will escape for ill gotten wealth he fled to dubai. He is alleged to be Nigerian biggest online fraudstar

In the arrest 13 luxury cars worth 2.6billion naira was recovered from the gang of 10 fraudstars and cash of 16billion naira was seized and confiscated as well, names of other culprits are still withheld to be released soon. Brigadier jamal salem al jalaf called the operation fox 2 hunt

In the other development the Nigerian pliticians who have deprived ordinary Nigerians of all social benefits and smuggled billions of Oil money to foreign countries are still enjoying themselve’s in 5 star hotels and their children wearing gucci and driving exobitant cars in dubai and london.

Hushpuppi followed the trend in Nigeria where looting, stealing have no consequencies

The government of Buhari promised to fight corruption and bring back Nigerian stolen money hidden in foreign land. The EFCC has failed Nigeria’s. Until Nigeria fight show of wealth from the people of authority, people like hushpuppy will continue to emerge. Money is the language of Nigerian’s therefore the government !!!should first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

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