Jair Bolsonaro test positive


The brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro test positive to covid-19 after testing negative three times in the past. He has previously reduced covid-19 pandemic breakout as little flu stating that he has seen many flu that kills higher than covid-19. Mr bolsonaro has got many fever in the past which seems to subside but this time he noticed high fever followed by a cough and being unwell which necesitated him to go for a covid-19 test that now prove poistive.

It will be noted that Jair Bolsonaro is 65 and classed to be in the higher risk group coupled with that fact the south american country have seen a much higher surge of this pandemic over the past month. At the moment brazil is the second most infected country after United States and the country have opposed lockdown and wearing face mask have been an obstacle for most of its citizens of which the president falls in this class. The president is therefore seeking medical help as it is reported that hydroxychloroquine and some antibiotics are not helping him in this regard.

Brazil has been highly infected and recent figures shows that over 1.5million people have been infected with about 67,000 deaths

below is brazil worldometer coronavirus report


Coronavirus Cases:






Brazil coronavirus worldometer report

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