Lateef Kayode Jakande “CON” baba kekere(1929-2021)


As we reflect on past democratic administrations, we come across a prominent Nigerian, the first civilian governor of Lagos state between October 1, 1979 and December 31, 1983, Alhaji Lateef Jakande. He ruled with honesty and integrity and delivered the dividends of democracy to the people with zeal, vision, and determination to serve. His kind is no longer found in the political realm in Nigeria

Jakande’s Legacy:

He delivered free education to the people of Lagos state in accordance with his political belief and promise

He pioneered the first low cost housing scheme in Nigeria that made Lagosians own affordable homes they can call their own – Jakande Estates still exist all over Lagos)

He pioneered true journalism. He established the Newspaper Prioprietors Association of Nigeria as well as the Nigerian Institute of Journalism

His achievements will be difficult to forget as we compare the present dispensation of Nigeria leaders that are embodiments of corruption, selfishness, and wickedness.

At DiasporaBlogg, we will always reflect and remember men of integrity in Nigeria.

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