Latin America epic centre of coronavirus


As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads the latin America countries are having it difficult to cope with the pandemic as reported by the world health organisation (who). Brazil is trailing the US as second most infected country worldwide, Mexico, Chile and Peru, are also struggling to contain the outbreaks.

The effect of this as we gathered is that the countries that have relaxed lockdown and opened borders are at risk due to the fact that there are possible re-infection of its citizens and this will continue in a circle. How will these countries like spain italy china germany and others navigate around this, is there a ban placed from this latin american countries not to fly out of their zone. People are living in panic as there is no visible end neither is there assurance that citizens who have gone through the worst period like italy will come out of no worry zone. What seems certain is that there is no known cure at the moment neither is there any country who hav e satisfactorily discovered a vaccine.

We hope that the world will rally round the Latin American countries in helping them fight this deadly disease. Whatever support each country can give we plead that they open-heartly do it because what goes around comes around. This is a global fight that should be fought in unionism. The madagascar organic cure should be tried, this is a herbal treatment and has no side effect. Make haste while the sun shines to help our latin American countries, we will come out of this and surely we will.


WORLD / COUNTRIES / BRAZILLast updated: May 24, 2020, 18:47 GMT


Coronavirus Cases: 352,744

Deaths: 22,291

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